Fall Photo Sessions | What to Wear

You just looked at the calendar and realized your photo session is quickly approaching…or perhaps it has been looming in the back of your mind since the day you booked: What in the world do I wear? I have had a lot of questions from clients lately so I thought I would address this issue here on the blog. Everyone has different preferences and styles but I can guide you a little bit to give you some ideas on what photographs well, then you can incorporate your personal style for a look that is perfect for your photo session. Photography has gotten quite a bit more editorial with regard to clothing selection, so you can really use this opportunity to have fun with your outfits. The overall goal is for everyone to look put-together and to complement each other, while still being true to the person. Here are some of MY tips for dressing for a shoot:


1. Start with 1. Choose one person’s clothing first and then base the other outfits around that one outfit. You may not need to go crazy and buy a complete new wardrobe for each person in your family; just start with one major piece and then build off of colors or patterns to create other cohesive looks.


2. Color Is Good. I love it when my clients show up with a pop of color! White can be nice to, but if you wear white, I recommend that you break it up a bit with a vest, sweater, scarf, tie, or other accessory. A common misconception is that you have to pick a color and keep it consistent, i.e. only kelly green or apple red. Colors don’t have to match perfectly so don’t be afraid of going with shades of a particular color. For example, if you want to go with blue, consider navy, royal, and shades of sky or grey. It will add visual interest.


3. Prints + Patterns. Plaid, stripes, houndstooth, and polka dots look great in photographs but they should compliment the overall look of the photo and the other outfits. You don’t want to draw attention from the photo as a whole, so choose wisely. My rule of thumb is to always try and use some sort of print/pattern somewhere in the photo if at all possible. If not, refer to #4.


4. Layer, Layer, Layer. Layers and texture look awesome in photographs. They add interest, dimension, and oftentimes, an extra outfit option ‘just in case’ hehe. Add a cardigan or blazer, a chunky scarf or layered necklaces. Guys can go with a tie, vest, scarf, or pullover. And I am sure that all of you parents have kiddos who love to layer their favorite clothes, so think about that when dressing them for the shoot. For your little girl: printed tights/leggings under a cute dress, paired with boots and a fun headband, or for your little guy: a patterned shirt under a vest or sweater and some bold chuck taylors. The possibilities are nearly endless :)


5. Comfort and Fit are Key. From jeans to dresses, and everything in between — if you are comfortable in what you wear, it will show beautifully in the photos. And if you prefer a dressier feel to your images, I say go for it. You can still be dressy and comfortable {though some husbands may disagree!}. Blazer or sportcoat for the guys, a cute dress with heels for the gals — I love it :) Just make sure you are comfortable enough to move around without having to pull, tug, or re-adjust. Rock the outfit, don’t let it rock you.


6. Be You. The best advice I can offer is to be yourself. That goes for all of you in the shoot! The focus of your session is your awesome family and you want each of your personalities to shine through. Keep that in mind when picking out clothes, because it can sometimes be the difference between an easy and a slightly more challenging shoot if Fred is forced to wear stone-wash jeans and TOMS because they are ‘in’ when all he really wants to wear are his trusty Levi’s and boots…right Troy? :)


If you would like some more ideas or visuals on what to wear, check out my ‘What to Wear’ board on Pinterest. I am constantly updating it!